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Sheriff Mike's Spicy Salsa Ranch

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Description :
Ranch dressing infused with our national award winning Green Extreme salsa. Great on salads (especially taco salad), pizz, baked potato's, or even French fries.

Long Description :
The town of Leon Springs was growing. It has a new saloon called the Silver Fox, being run by Miss Kim, from that Agricultural & Mechanical College up north in Brazos County (that's Texas A&M for you Yankees). Sheriff Mike (yes, Leon Springs now has a law man), & Miss Kim became good buddies, and were always seen together. One day, Sheriff Mike came over to Bubba's stagestop dining room with a problem. "Bubba, Miss Kim has this old family salad dressing recipe from up at her folk's ranch, and it's really good but could use a little spicin' up, can you think of somethin'?" Bubba knew just what to do, he mixed his fiery Green Extreme salsa with the "Ranch". WOW!! It was the perfect match. Miss Kim loved it, Sheriff Mike loved it, the townfolk loved it, you'll love it too.

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