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Miss Kim's Spicy Bacon Ranch

Miss Kim's Spicy Bacon Ranch Previous
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Description :
Sheriff Mike's Spicy Salsa Ranch with with a hand full of that All-American Favorite - BACON!! added.

Long Description :
Sheriff Mike's Spicy Salsa Ranch was becoming a hit. The town folk were using it as fast as Bubba could make it. One day at the Silver Fox, Sheriff Mike mentioned, "Bubba, Miss Kim puts bacon in everything, what would the Spicy Ranch be like with bacon?" What an idea! Bubba rushed down to Mr. Jeff's Meat Emporium, Livery, and Baseball School, picked up a slb of that Leon Springs smoked bacon, cooked it up, and mixed it into the Spicy Ranch, then let everyone at the Silver Fox try it. WOW!! Iw as another great match. Miss Kim loved it, Sheriff Mike loved it, the townfolk loved it, you'll loved it too.

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