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Welcome to the
Stagecoach Salsa Company

The Stagecoach Salsa Company began as a hobby back in the 1990’s making salsa for friends and family.  After an overwhelming and enthusiastic amount of encouragement we began producing salsa as San Antonio’s newest salsa company in late 2006 — using the freshest produce, and a commitment to the belief that spicy and flavorful salsa should be enjoyed and not just endured.  We now produce eleven classic South Texas salsas – four red’s in Mild, Medium, Heat, and Ignite heat levels, and three authentic true green salsas (salsa verde) - Green Extreme (very hot), and Bubba's Green Fire Sauce (very, very hot), and Bubba's Cinco Verde (hot).  In June of 2011, we introduced our spicy salsa, "Bubba's Chipotle Black Bean & Corn", now a very popular San Antonio specialty AND a 2012 & 2013 Fiery Food Challenge winner in two categories. In 2012 Miss Belva's South Texas Caviar, a true Texas delicacy, made its first appearance - it's a Chipotle based bean & corn salsa, where the beans are black-eyed peas. It's a also a 2013 Golden Chile Winner, as the best bean & corn salsa in the country.

During 2013 we had a large number of folks ask us for a salsa verde that was not quite as hot as the Green Extreme, and Bubba's Green Fire Sauce, so after many hours of testing this and that we came up with "Bubba's Cinco Verde", a unique blend of five raosted chile peppers - Jalapeno, Serrano, Green Chile, Hatch Green Chile, and Poblano. Shortly thereafter, it went on to be a winner in Chile Pepper Magazines, 2013 Chile Pepper Awards Competition in New Orleans.

The Spring and Summer of 2009 brought in even more Stagecoach Salsa Company delights. Customers asked us, "Why don't you have a BBQ Sauce?" Soooooo....We've introduced "Bubba's Spicy Stage Stop BBQ Sauce". And since you shouldn't have just a spicy BBQ Sauce, we complimented Bubba's with "Miss Cynthia's Not So Spicy Stage Stop BBQ Sauce".  It's still spicy, just "not so spicy". A few months later we brought out our now, really popular, and also a Fiery Food Challenge Winner, Rowdy Razzelberry Orange Sauce - Bubba's version of Raspberry Chipotle Sauce - raspberries, oranges, Chipotle peppers and Texas pecans, all mixed together - Yum! (Especially on top of cream cheese)

During the Summer of 2008, we introduced our first fruit salsa – “Miss Michele's  Peach Salsa", and our really spicy Chipotle Chile Pepper salsa – “Smoke & Fire".  Both are now local hits, AND Fiery Food Challenge National Award Winners.

The other half of the hobby is Mesquite Smoked Jerky.  We currently offer "Mesquite Smoked" turkey and beef jerky made the old fashioned way in a real mesquite wood smokehouse in both Regular, and Hot & Spicy recipes. 

 Stagecoach Salsa Wins at the 2013

Chile Peppers Awards

and at

Zestfest 2014!

The 2013 Chile Pepper Awards and Zestfest 2014 -The last 6 months have been truly exciting for us here at Stagecoach. With several hundred companies competiting in both competitions San Antonio's Stagecoach Salsa Company truly outdid itself.  We were presented with an amazing 7 awards!  

Our popular "Smoke & Fire Salsa" became a Top Chile Pepper Award winner in the Chipotle Salsa Category, and also a winner at this year's Spicy Food Productions "Fiery Food Challenge. This makes 4 top awards over the past 18 months for this popular hoy & spicy salsa.

Our two Bar-B-Ques Sauces, "Miss Cynthia's Not So Spicy Stagestop BBQ Sauce", and "Bubba's Spicy Stagestop BBQ Sauce", amazingly took top awards in both competitions, winning a total of FIVE awards.

Our newest salsa verde, "Bubba's Cinco Verde", a unique blend of roasted Jalapeno Peppers, Serrano Peppers, Green Chiles, Hatch Green Chiles, and Pobalno won the distinct honor of being one of the top new products in the country at the Chile Pepper 


A special "Thank You" to all the judges, we know it was a challenging time trying all those spicy entries. A special "Thank You" to family, all our customers and supporters, especially "Film Crew" for being there with us this year, and believing in us way back when this was just a hobby, and that we could do this.  We are quite proud of our accomplishments as we pass our 7th Anniversary.  We look forward to serving you all with our variety of fine products for a long while to come.  


So send yourselves (even family & friends) something that is all South Texas , and uniquely San Antonio .

The Stagecoach Salsa Company
25011 Saddle Trail
San Antonio, Texas 78255
Phone: 210-698-0283
Fax: 210-698-9807


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