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Our Story

In the late 1800's, The Boerne Stagecoach made it's 2 day trip from San Antonio to Fredericksburg, Texas.  It would stop overnight at the Leon Springs Station.  Here, the chief cook, Bubba, would feed the passengers marinated skirt beef (which we call fajitas today), vegetables, and flour tortillas.  He would top off this tasty dish with his own spicy sauce made from tomatoes, South Texas vegetables, spices, and Jalapeno Peppers. This was salsa and the passengers loved it!  If any was left over after dinner, they finished it off, eating it on top of dried flour tortillas.  The Stagecoach Salsa Company brings back Bubba's long lost recipes with its salsa's, sauces, and relishes.  Now you can experience that authentic and historic flavor of South Texas and Old San Antonio in Stagecoach Salsa.

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